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Perfect summer mix for the sassy. #fuckyou @8tracks YU never pick me? #middlefinger: Every Inch of You Is Perfect by eski3000.

Tumblr Reblog: All of Your Dreams Can Come True…

True Facts: We’re All Crazy!

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Please report tumblr users who are harassing or bullying others. I’ve found this website, which has instructions.

How To Report People on Tumblr for Abuse

  1. First of all, Try to always keep the hate message that this person/blog has sent you. This is a proof that you can send to Tumblr just in case they ask for it.
  2. Sent an email to including the user’s name and screenshots of the harassment message
  3. You can also go here, enter the username, and right next to it (or below) click on spam, harassment.

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Oh Dean Winchester, Can I Get a Scoop? #Supernatural

So, I’ve been MIA because I’ve been catching up on a few tv series that I’ve never seen AND reading…

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Guilty Pleasures: Oh My, Jacob Artist. Yes, Please! #Glee #Puckerman

I never stay caught up with any shows. I always have to DVR everything and am usually seasonsbehind…

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Why do All of the Good Shows Get Cancelled? #BeingHumanUK #Sadness

I’m so far behind on my pop culture that the most recent thing I did was watch ALL of the seasons of

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Fuck Holiday Spirit! #Christmas #BahHumbug #Funnies

A new post by Edith Bagoditch on

I cannot get into the holiday spirit whatsoever.

Do we really have to exchange gifts?

Bah. Humbug.

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 Funny Stuff you like?

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